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Ripple is Best Girl
• 3/18/2018

SLASHDØG Volume 2 discussion

Slashdog Volume 2
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Ripple is Best Girl
• 3/30/2018
Satanael being the founder of the Khaos Brigade was something I didn't see coming. RIP Augusta. Shota-Vali has achieved BxB! When they mentioned that Suzaku looked like Shuri, I imagined her that way, but she looks like Akeno's twin sister if you ask me. Apparently, SlashDog-Ouryuu is called Nakagami Ouryuu Nakiri and is the head of the Nakiri clan. Am I the only one who feels there are too many Lavinia illustrations on this volume? I would have liked to see Augusta on her true form...

Now the last two of the Four Fiends have appeared. I guess they're the ones who appear on this illustration.
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