Canis Lykaon
Jin puppy form
Jin in his puppy form
Kana 黒刃の狗神ケイネス・リュカオン
Romaji Keinesu Ryukaon
Other Names Inugami of the Black Blade
Type Longinus
Forms Jin (Independent Avatar)
Abilities Produce blade on Jin's body
Blade transformation.
Wielder(s) Tobio Ikuse

Canis Lykaon, also known as Inugami of the Black Blade, is a Longinus wielded by Tobio Ikuse. It is an independent avatar Longinus.



The Canis Lykaon initially takes the form of a puppy with a sword on it's forehead. In its real form, it is a large dog with a sword on its forehead.


The Canis Lykaon has two initial abilities involving Jin.

  1. Jin can produce blades from his body.
  2. Jin can transform itself into a sword.

During his fight with Doumon, Tobio's rage gave Jin another new ability: to enter and attack through shadows. The shadow can extend up to Tobio's field of vision.

Balance Breaker: Ikuse Tobio Transforming, with darkness, into a black Hound at Human Form with six tails and Jin transforming into a big Black Hound.

Power: Creating of innumerable Blade, tinging the sky and earth in darkness and a superior strength.

Balance Breaker sing: <<——I sing for the slaying of a thousand humans>><<——I celebrate the slaying of ten thousand goblins>><<——The name submerged in total darkness, that of the imitation god that drifts through the polar night>><<——Thou will perish by mine own black blade>> <<——To be something absurd, the god {creator} of the deformed>>


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