Sae Toujou

Sae Toujou (東城 紗枝とうじよ うさえ Tōjō Sae) is the main heroine of SLASH/DOG and Tobio Ikuse's childhood friend.




Sae is Tobio's childhood friend and the two of them grew up together. After Tobio's grandmother passed away, Sae took it upon herself to prepare Tobio's three meals.


Sae is first seen visiting a sick Tobio before leaving for their school trip. On the fourth day of the trip, she went missing along with her fellow classmates.


Cowardly Leo (勇気を失った獅子カウドリ・レオ ): Sae obtained this Utsusemi from Hanezu Himejima, It takes the form of a huge lion with black fur and golden eyes. It was created with the help of the magician group, Hexennacht, and only Sae was able to adapt to it. The Cowardly Leo was later destroyed in battle by Tobio and Jin.


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