Suzaku Himejima
SLASHDØG 2 illustration 02
Kana 姫島 朱雀ひめじま すざく (full kanji)
Romaji Himejima Suzaku
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Equipment &
Vermilion Bird
Personal Status
Relatives Suou Himejima (Great-Uncle)
Ageha Ikuse (Great-Aunt) †
Unnamed Grandmother
Baraqiel (Uncle-In-Law)
Shuri Himejima (Aunt) †
Unnamed Mother
Tobio Ikuse (Second Cousin)
Akeno Himejima (Cousin)
Affiliations Himejima Clan
Five Principal Clans
Status Alive

Suzaku Himejima is a member of the Himejima clan and current inheritor of the sacred beast Suzaku.


Suzaku is noted to look similar to her aunt, Shuri.


Suzaku is first seen after the Utsusemi incident, discussing about the Four Fiends and Tobio Ikuse and Akeno with her granduncle. She is then seen with Seiryuu and talks about her cousins, revealing her intention to treat them as part of the clan and decides to gather the inheritors of Sacred Beasts.

High School DxDEdit

She also appears in Volume 21 of High School DxD, talking with her cousin Akeno.