Tobio Ikuse
Tobio Ikuse (2017)
Kana 幾瀬 鳶雄いくせ とびお
Romaji Ikuse Tobio
Surasshu Doggu
Race Human
Gender Male
Nicknames Slash Dog
Tobi (by Lavinia Reni)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale Grey
Equipment &
Canis Lykaon
Personal Status
Relatives Ageha Ikuse (Grandmother) †
Unnamed Great-Aunt
Unnamed Parents †
Shuri Himejima (Aunt) †
Akeno Himejima (Second Cousin)
Baraqiel (Uncle-In-Law)
Suzaku Himejima (Second Cousin)
Suou Himejima (Granduncle)
Affiliations Ryoukuu High School (formally Second-Year Student)
Grigori (Agent)
Slash/Dog Team (Founder/Leader)
Himejima Clan
Status Alive

Tobio Ikuse (幾瀬 鳶雄いくせ とびお, Ikuse Tobio) is the main protagonist of SLASH/DOG and the possessor of the Longinus, Canis Lykaon. He is widely known under the alias of Slash Dog (刃狗スラッシュ・ドッグ, Surasshu Doggu), earning that nickname from his Longinus. He also appears in High School DxD where is now a member and one of the top fighter of Fallen Angel organization Grigori.



Tobio is a quiet and introverted young man. Suffering the loss of his parents before he got to know them, his grandmother and primary caregiver and most recently his best friend Sae Toujou has taken a severe emotional toll on him.


Tobio is a descendant of the Himejima clan through his grandmother who was formerly known as Ageha Himejima. He was one of the rare instances where he was born with his sacred gear, the Canis Lykaon fully activated. Because of this his grandmother used a buddist sealing ritual to seal away the Canis Lykaon. Tragically, both of Tobio's parents died before he could get to know them and he was raised by his grandmother after that.

Unfortunately, when Tobio was roughly twelve years old his grandmother died too, and as a result he ended up being raised by the family of his best friend Sae Toujou.


Tobio was introduced in Volume 1 of the light novels, when a few days before his school trip on a luxury liner, he was caught with a severe fever leaving him unable to join in with his classmates, his childhood friend Sae Toujo came to check up on him. Just before leaving for the trip, Tobio gives Sae a good luck charm for her travels. Four days later, Tobio while having breakfast notices the head news where 233 of his schoolmates all disappeared in a luxury liner accident much to his shock and despair especially at the lost of his friend. Afterwards Tobio and the few who were absent from the trip were chased by the media and questioned their input in the incident, eventually they've all transferred to different schools to avoid the reporters.

2 months after the disappearance of his classmates, while on his way home after partings ways with a friend, Tobio accidentally encounters two of his friends that went missing in the accident, Kouta Sasaki and Sae. Chasing over Sasaki, Tobio eventually catches up but much to his horror, he finds Sasaki along with a lizard like monster who was chewing on a dog. Sasaki seemingly devoid of emotion, signals the monster to attack Tobio. Tobio in desperation tries to fight back but to no avail and just as he's about to be killed, he was saved by a timely arrival of a girl. Natsume Minagawa, who turns out to be a fellow survivor who were absent on the trip from their previous school like him. She takes him to a family restaurant to calmly explain the details, Natsume told him that all of their old classmates were taken by a group called the Utsusemi and paired each of them with an creature like Sasaki was. She then handed him an "egg" with a beating pulse and that he must take care of it for he will die without it. Natsume then suggests for them to leave and then whispers in his ear she'll come by his house later.

Tobio arrived at his apartment taking everything he had experienced today, he gazed at the "egg"-like object in his bag out of curiosity for a while in silence, he then placed it in the bathroom and went straight to bed. Tobio woke up at around midnight, he suspects that someone was peering through his window, but as he checks over the curtain on one was present, that is until he noticed a boy with a large spider clinging to the wall of the condominium. Tobio was frightened as the boy and his beast came through his window, he tries to escape while dodging shots of spider silk, just as when made it to the exit, a lone girl with giant frog appeared and also attacked him. Cornered by the two, Tobio remembered the egg and hurried to the bathroom with the Utsusemi beasts right behind him, he manages to get a hold of the "egg" but appeared to be cracked opened, he panicked as the beasts tear through the door.

High School DxDEdit

Tobio was first mentioned in High School DxD by Azazel who explains that he is away on a mission. He also acts as Azazel and Sirzechs Lucifer's bodyguard when they were confronting Hades but does not appear as he was stationed outside.

He eventually makes his official appearance in the Hyoudou Residence to act as a support for the residents of that house. He later participated in the meeting for the formation of D×D, becoming a member of that team.


Canis Lykaon(黒刃の狗神ケイネス・リュカオン, Keinesu Ryukaon): Tobio possesses the Longinus Canis Lykaon, which takes the form of a small, black puppy whom he named Jin (ジン). It is an independent avatar type with its own instinct. It has the ability to produce blades from its body and can transform itself into a sword. During his fight with Doumon, Tobio's rage awakened a new ability within Jin, enabling it to move and attack through shadows. The shadows can extend up to Tobio's field of vision.


Night Celestial Slash Dogs

  • Night Celestial Slash Dogs: The Balance Breaker of Canis Lykaon. Tobio transforms, with darkness, into a humanoid black Hound with six tails and Jin transforms into a big Black Hound. In this form, not only does Tobio gain enhanced strength, he can create an innumerable amount of blades, capable of tinging the sky and earth in darkness.